Fairuz For Love
Fairuz For Love

Fairuz For Love

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Fairuz For Love

- Sa'altak habibi

- La tas'alouni

- Alamouni

- Habyatak w alshawq

- Shayif albahr

- bikutub Esmuk ya habibi

- Fi qahwat e almafriq

- Sa'aluni alnaas

- Habyatuk

- Bihabik ma baaref

- ana la habibi

Artist: Fairuz
Ablum: For Love
Format: Vinyl LP



Tune in to the soulful music of the first lady of Lebanese singing, Fairuz with this collection of her melodious songs. Give your morning a boost with these beautiful compositions and add up another great piece to your collection of music.

- Composition of musicals by Fairuz, a most-listened-to Lebanese singer
- Brings solace as you tune in to them at early morning
- Melodious compositions with meaningful lyrics

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